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Sleepy Sheep HD - Available Now!

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Sweet stuff. Made in Michigan.

Design & Development

Turnkey web presence creation. Your designs or ours.

Graphics & Photography

Communicate your essence quickly and beautifully.

Fun & Games

Casual web and IOS games developed in Xcode and Unity.

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Design & Development

Web presence - Your one and only chance to make that all-important first impression!

Design - We can work with you to design a complete web presence package that communicates who you are and what makes your business special. Don't need a complete design? We can quickly freshen up your existing site and improve communication flow so your clients get the information they need as quickly as possible.

Development - With a deep enterprise systems application background, we can recommend the best structure for your site or work with you to customize the tools and templates you are already familiar with. We also offer installation, upgrades, support and hosting to make sure your critical communication tools are always available.

Graphics & Photography

Creatively showcase your products and enhance your web presence with eye-catching visual elements.

Whether you need to update your current designs or you want a whole new image, we can work with you to capture the unique essense of your business and transform it into a striking visual portfolio that immediately communicates your unique message.

Fun & Games

Sleepy Sheep HD

The sheep are sleepy. Very very sleepy.

Count the sheep and you will be sleepy too!!

Having trouble sleeping? With these sheep to keep you company, you will fall asleep in no time! Choose from a selection of soothing music while you tap the sheep to make them disappear. When you fall asleep the game will automatially save your stats and continue to play music for a period of time that you can adjust.

Play Sleepy Sheep HD on your IOS device and be dreaming before you know it!

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Bottle Slice

Watch Out!

Have you seen Will Keith's bottle slicing sword demos on Youtube? Well now his Cameraman is throwing the bottles at you! See how many bottles you can slice. But be careful, the more you hit the faster they fly... You can visit to play bottle slice and demonstrate your bottle ninja skills!

Game developed in Unity and C# and then generated into a Flash build.
Soon to be ported to IOS!

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You have a question? Someone else might have had the exact same one. Let's find out!

Very soon!! We are finalizing testing and getting ready to submit to the app store.

I usually sleep like a rock. Unless I don't, and then I am awake all night. Usually when I can't sleep it's because I can't get my brain to stop thinking about all the things I need to DO. I wrote Sleepy Sheep HD as a way to give my brain something else to do. Hopefully it will help you fall asleep too.

YES! We are looking for a limited number of Beta testors. If you are interested, please drop us a line.

Even though the current version has not yet been released, we are already working on the next one. In the next release you will be able to count sheep by drawing numbers on the screen. We are also looking at allowing you to choose background music from your own device.

At some point perhaps, if there is enough interest. For right now, we are sticking to IOS.

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